Mountain Lion

Right on cue, after a bobcat appearance, a lion shows itself. I thought if I saw one this would be the camera that picked one up. It is on a well-traveled route to water. The deer and horses are frequently using this trail so why not a lion? It’s a rocky route without low weeds and brush so the lion is highlighted quite well. Unfortunately, again these photos are at night so not the great photo quality. Still, it is nice to see that they are out there keeping the wild places wild. Thie appears to be a young lion. It looks on the smaller side. I hope to see it again but not in person!

10 thoughts on “Mountain Lion

  1. Whoa! How very exciting. We’ve actually managed to catch a bobcat quite close to the house and during daylight, but oddly enough not on the trail cam. My buddy has seen tracks of mountain lion and bear, but we ve only had the most fleeting glimpses of them in the wild.
    Super fun and addicting indeed!

    1. It took almost 6 months to catch the kitties on the cams. Now I’m seeing lots of tracks and my dog brought me a freshly killed deer skull. Maybe this is an area they frequent in the winter months. Thanks for looking in! 🙂

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