Finally a Bobcat!

While I am enjoying all the images and information that I have been able to gather on deer and coyote movements, I will admit that I have been eagerly anticipating getting images of Bobcats and Mountain Lions. I have been assured that both frequent the property. As such, I am carrying bear spray on my belt when I wander the around just in case of an encounter. A reminder of the need to be aware and vigilante came this week when it was reported that a young girl out walking her dog was attacked by a mountain lion south of this area. Fortunately, both girl and dog were not seriously injured but it is cause for concern. These are not great pictures. Trail cams don’t take the quality of images a DSLR camera takes but I am thrilled to see the bobcat showing up on two different nights on my camera. In a couple of the photos it shows the bobcat carrying a rabbit in it’s mouth after a successful hunt. Now on to capturing a Lion.

20 thoughts on “Finally a Bobcat!

  1. Very cool bobcat images, Alison, and I agree…it’s always best to be cautious when visiting such areas. Have a great weekend my friend! 🌞

  2. had to look up how a bobcat looks, cause i don’t know it.
    Looks a lot like what we have here in Europe (Lynx).
    Beautiful feline! And yes, we need to respect these animals and better to be safe than sorry..

    i’m sure you’ll soon have a mountain lion in the picture too πŸ™‚

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