More Babies

The hills have greened up and the horses look good. Most of the horses appear to be well fed and sleek. Each day more and more little ones show up shyly peeking out from behind their protective mothers.

I don’t know where the horses go in the winter, but in the places I am used to seeing them there are a few small bands around during the winter months. This time of year the rest of the horses reappear. Now there are hundreds and everywhere you look they are dotting the landscape.

I have been fortunate to get quite a few photos of new foals. Is there anything cuter?

31 thoughts on “More Babies

  1. They are precious. They look like they handled the winter well. I wonder if there is some agency (like BLM) or organization that hays them during the bad months.

    1. Thanks Jo Ann. πŸ™‚ No the BLM never feeds the horses on the range. In fact it is illegal to feed wild horses. It lures them away from their managed areas and may cause health issues for them. When there are too many or the horses are not doing well, the BLM’s solution is to round them up and take them off the range permanently. Wild horse management is a very controversial and highly charged political subject out West.

      1. That makes sense. Kind of like the deer herds here. They say not to feed the deer because deviation from their regular winter foraging regimen can be bad for them and their numbers are also “managed” – somewhat controversial as well.

  2. All your photos in this post is absolutely adorable ! Each and everyone, i canΒ΄t find a favourite among them .
    I envy you, having these wild horses to take photos of or just sit and watch … // Maria

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