It’s That Time of Year

It is the time of year that spring surprises pop up all around us. Trees and flowers blooming, grass greening and leaves starting faintly to show in the cottonwoods along the river. It is also the time of year that the wild horse bands start showing up with new members. I took my camera out yesterday and was fortunate to find several mares who were amiable to having a family photo taken.

The big seal brown horse with the large white star is a stallion that I have been photographing for 5 years. His band of mares changes membership from time to time but he has always had the same red roan mare alongside him. He passes that big white star on to many of his offspring. I have included a couple of photos of his foals with the distinctive white mark on their face.

The stallions are constantly fighting over mares and stealing them when they can. I caught a couple having a bit of a scuffle on their way to water. I liked the way the dust in the evening light softened the look of the battle.

18 thoughts on “It’s That Time of Year

  1. What a great series of photos you have here. You really are a good photographer ! I love horses, they are such beautiful animals. Is that Mustang horses ?
    On an island named Gotland, in the south part of Sweden, we have wild horses to, they are named Gotlands russ . // Maria

    1. Thank you for your very generous appraisal of my work. mariayarri. 🙂 The use of the word Mustang is somewhat controversial in the American West. To call them that would indicate their linage could be traced directly from the horses brought by the Spanish to America. There are pockets of horses in some places that can be shown to be genetic descendants of the original Mustang brought from Spain. I prefer to use the words Wild Horses as they are indeed wild, but may or may not be actual Mustangs. Forgive that wordy explanation if you will. 😉 I had no idea they had wild horses in Sweden! Amazing. Would love to see photos of them.

  2. Alison, these are just amazing. Spectacular horses, beautiful photos. Oh I would LOVE to be able to watch those horses. More please!

  3. I sure miss seeing these – I had a horse as a child that was a mustang sold at auction and the mare nursing is the spitting image of my mare – that roman nose and rich bay coloring. Great set – you’ve really captured the “wildness” of the herd.

  4. Ah, spring hijinks! Horses at my barn are doing crazy things too, and we don’t even have any stallions! The horses look fairly healthy compared to some of your past photos in the drought of last year. Hope they find lots of forage this year and fill out nicely before next winter!

    1. Hi Alli. We did not get near enough snow this year but I am hopeful as we are getting spring rains. The hills are greening up more than last spring and the horses look good thus far. Keep your hooves crossed! 😉 Glad you visited.

  5. We just spent before bedtime looking at your magical photos of wild horses, their babes and their life of freedom – so different!
    We also loved your photos of other animals and birds. Thank you! xox

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