Sandhill Cranes

Last week when I drove home from the Klamath Basin I took a slight detour to visit the Modoc Wildlife Refuge just outside Alturas California. I was hoping that I would see Sandhill Cranes and I was not disappointed. There were quite a few feeding on farm fields surrounding the Refuge along with Snow and Canada geese. I hope to go back next week and see and photograph some of the cranes courtship displays.

19 thoughts on “Sandhill Cranes

  1. Hi, I just found you and your excellent images. I browsed, clicked some likes (actually there wasn’t anything that wasn’t worth viewing) and now just letting you know I enjoy your photography.

    1. Thank you so much for visiting and for your kind words about my photos. I grew up not that far from Kamloops on the U.S. side. It was a touch of home to have you drop in. 🙂

  2. Beautiful photos of the Sandhill Cranes ! I am waiting for the spring to come, and with the spring comes the Common crane or as they also named eurasian Crane. I love watching them “dance” by the lake . // Maria

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