Snow Geese

I went back to the Klamath Basin to see if I could get photos of the migrating Snow geese and got very lucky. I happened to be at the right place at the right time in several instances and was able to shoot very large flocks of Snow Geese lifting off the water and off farm fields. It was an amazing sight and the sound was deafening. Sometimes I just had to lower the camera to take it all in. Beautiful sight and sound as these birds filled the sky.

14 thoughts on “Snow Geese

  1. Fantastic snow geese photos. I haven’t seen that many birds since working on Assateague Island many years ago. They’ve been moving through my area in central New York but have yet to find them in the fields. Thanks!

    1. Thanks Nick. I got really lucky with those photos. It was my first time looking for Snow Geese. I have studied up on them now and will be trying to photograph them as they move through Nevada and northern California in the Spring and Fall from now on. It was an incredible experience to see and hear them.

  2. We encountered this blizzard of Snow Geese back in February at the Lower Klamath national wildlife refuge. I didn’t think it was possible to capture what the experience looked like, but you came really close!

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