More from the Klamath Basin

More from the Klamath Basin
I want to show more photos of this wonderful place. I took a lot of photos and have been busy editing and culling them. It always takes me a long time to get through everything from an extended shoot. I have some landscape photos here so that people can see what the refuge looks like. I am not a landscape photographer though I attempt it now and then. This trip I was definitely focused on trying to get wildlife shots and just took a few snaps of the surrounding landscapes.
The Refuge itself is a beautiful place. That mountain looming over the horizon is Mount Shasta and it is visible from most points. The white birds are Tundra swans and they were present in the thousands. I was not able to get any good close ups of those. I will try to on a repeat trip I have planned. Apparently I was a bit early for the truly amazing numbers of swans and snow geese that will be stopping over at Klamath in a few weeks on their northward migration. The noise was deafening at times just from these swans. An eagle would fly over them and they would erupt in loud calls and confusion. I think the eagles just did it for fun now and then. They acted pretty casual about all the geese and swans knowing that if they wanted one they could take one anytime they felt like it.
Of course there are other species of birds and animals on the Refuge and I was fortunate to get photos of a Great Horned Owl and this immature bald eagle. I was able to get the closest I have ever been to Great Blue Herons and saw plenty of herons as I drove around. I am looking forward to seeing hundreds of Sand hill cranes when I go back in a few weeks. Took this bad photo of the eagles roosting high up in cottonwoods just to show the numbers you could see of them in one place.
I reserved a blind for a couple of mornings and sat in it for hours in 20 degree weather hoping an eagle or two would land in that tree that I photographed. I was told that sometimes up to 30 will roost in the tree for hours. You have to be in the blind before it gets light and then you must stay in it until you are ready to leave. It was a cold and uncomfortable experience. The blind was too small for me to stand up in and I felt claustrophobic in it in addition to freezing. No eagles showed up and I felt like I wasted valuable time. I am far too hyperactive to try it again anytime soon. I am slowly overcoming my fear of the dark I think; at least in very wild places…