Little Birds

Like everyone else who has tried to take photos of tiny birds I have experienced my share of frustration. A few months ago I purchased a portable blind I thought I would use in the field but it proved to be a bit of a hassle to carry with me. I set it up this week close to my bird feeder in the back yard to see what would happen. It was amazing how fast the birds acclimated to it and they don’t pay attention to me inside it snapping away at them. These are some images I was able to take from the blind. I am not quite satisfied with my efforts yet but hope to have more and better examples soon. Striving for that crisp, clear image with a nice background. We will see…

8 thoughts on “Little Birds

  1. Thanks for the compliment and comment Bob. Juncos have always been a favorite of mine too. The Blind is fun! I think I can find all kinds of places to use it. It works very well on birds.

  2. I’m just like you ! I’m striving for those ‘tack sharp’ birding images, but they are so hard to get ! I also starting thinking of getting a blind for my house. LOL ! Two girls stalking their yards. 🙂

    1. Great! We can compare notes on our bird obsession. Btw, if you have not checked out Bob’s Blog you should. He takes fantastic photographs of birds as well as other things. Do consider the blind. Mine was inexpensive and pops open automatically. Just a few simple stakes in the ground and you are ready to safari in your own back yard!

    1. The Black headed bird is a Junco. The Orange one I think is a variant of a house finch? Not positive about that one. The Sparrows get difficult to tell apart. Thanks so much for stopping in and commenting. : )

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