Backyard Birds

I put up a bird feeder a few weeks ago. We have a pigeon problem in the neighborhood so I put up a feeder that will only allow small birds access to the food. So far have lots of visits by sparrows, finches, juncos and this Rufous sided towhee (correction – spotted towhee). Along with the little visitors we have had visits by Kestrels and this handsome hawk which I believe is s Sharp-shinned Hawk. So far I have not seen them take any of my little friends who flee and hide in a weeping mulberry in a corner of the yard by the feeder. The branches are very thick and the hawks can’t get to the birds who scold them from their refuge. The Hawks have to eat too I just hope that they will discover the pigeons.

13 thoughts on “Backyard Birds

    1. Thanks Calee! I am cheating a bit. I have the feeder of course and I set up a blind near it. So not as hard as watching and waiting in the wild. I do my fair share of that and it does take patience. Glad you enjoyed them.

  1. Hi Alison, awesome images. One thing if I may be a bit picky. Rufous-sided Towhee is another name for the Eastern Towhee. However, what your picture of is a Spotted Towhee. (Pipilo maculatus). I guess you might say that this is a western version. Very similar birds. I hope you don’t mind me bringing this up.

    1. Not at all Bob! I appreciate the correction. I have a difficult time with some of the identification of birds. Did I get the Hawk right? Hawks are so tricky!Thank you for visiting and commenting Bob. Always a pleasure to hear from you.

      1. I believe that it is a Sharp-shinned Hawk. Those are tricky, too. Easily confused with the Coopers. I am glad that you didn’t mind correcting you. I know that I would like to be corrected, as I did in my own post today. The female Red-winged Blackbird, I originally IDed as a Savannah Sparrow. 🙂 Mia McPerson pointed out my error. It is a learning experience. And I love your blog, Alison. 🙂

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