Little Birds

Like everyone else who has tried to take photos of tiny birds I have experienced my share of frustration. A few months ago I purchased a portable blind I thought I would use in the field but it proved to be a bit of a hassle to carry with me. I set it up this week close to my bird feeder in the back yard to see what would happen. It was amazing how fast the birds acclimated to it and they don’t pay attention to me inside it snapping away at them. These are some images I was able to take from the blind. I am not quite satisfied with my efforts yet but hope to have more and better examples soon. Striving for that crisp, clear image with a nice background. We will see…

Backyard Birds

I put up a bird feeder a few weeks ago. We have a pigeon problem in the neighborhood so I put up a feeder that will only allow small birds access to the food. So far have lots of visits by sparrows, finches, juncos and this Rufous sided towhee (correction – spotted towhee). Along with the little visitors we have had visits by Kestrels and this handsome hawk which I believe is s Sharp-shinned Hawk. So far I have not seen them take any of my little friends who flee and hide in a weeping mulberry in a corner of the yard by the feeder. The branches are very thick and the hawks can’t get to the birds who scold them from their refuge. The Hawks have to eat too I just hope that they will discover the pigeons.

Mule Deer

The last few weeks I have been battling my fear of the dark to go out very early in the morning to try to capture good deer photos. It is challenging getting close to them and the light is tricky. I am learning a lot about deer and other wildlife sitting still for long hours at dawn but also learning how much I don’t know about photography. The light is tricky and I am struggling with getting the settings right before the sun comes up but I will continue to stumble along as all of this and me are a work in progress. Hope you enjoy the photos.