11-18-2011:  For me wildlife photography has been largely a collection of happy accidents. I go out to take photos of something specific and am fortunate enough to happen upon animals doing their thing. It seems as if I purposefully go out the opportunities elude me. Lately though, I have been finding quiet spots to hide in and wait and have been rewarded for my patience. I have also startled and been startled by coyotes and deer where we both frightened each other by not being aware of each other’s presence. It can be a bit frightening to hear something crashing through the brush and not be sure what it is until the last-minute. My luck is holding so far with no mountain lions or bears bursting out of the brush. Fingers crossed… : )

11-29-2011: I have discovered a couple of really good places to find deer. So now my photos are no longer happy accidents but have become a deliberate obsession. Stalking and finding deer, especially big bucks has become an all-consuming passion. I think of the photos with big racks as a type of porn. Antler porn!; and it is a pretty addictive activity for me.


2 thoughts on “Wildlife

  1. Really enjoyed viewing this wildlife gallery Alison. Large ungulates are a favorite subject of mine, but I have no experience with mule deer (or their habitats) . Your images helped correct that!. Thanks. Nice work.

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