After Christmas, Along the River

After Christmas, it felt good to get out into the brisk, and I do mean brisk, it was 12 degrees out this morning at sun up. I stopped several places along the river and found deer and a variety of birds. I am not the greatest at identifying birds but I do believe this is a great horned owl, a red tailed hawk and a white crested sparrow and maybe a purple finch. I added a better photo of the owl that I took last May in the exact same spot. Saw some mule deer too which is always a nice bonus.

Backyard Quail

It is so cold here I have not been going out to take photos. I wish we would get a little snow to improve the temperature and the background for wildlife photos. I did catch these quail in my backyard and snapped a few shots of them. I liked how two managed to pose near my iron cut outs of quail. These are California Quail and we have large conveys in our neighborhood this time of year. Love their cheery demeanour.