Feeling Their Oats

I was finally able to get out and find some bands of horses again this week. I was happy to find this blue roan colt who is wrestling with the sorrel in the photos. I have photos of him as a foal and had not seen him in a year. Nice to see him doing so well. All of the horses in this band looked healthy and well fed. I have been worried about how they are faring with the drought we are having but so far so good. Summer may have a grimmer tale to tell.

Wild Horses

Abandoned, they thrived in forgotten corners and the out of
the way

Where others had died they survived and made the outback
their own place,

Here to stay.

Now hunted and harried, they have done too well.

There are too many to hear others tell.

They don’t belong

To see them in the wild you can’t help but hope

That their nobility and spirit will grace the desert forever

Running out there, fleet and strong,

Not relegated to dreams and songs.