Back to the Sheldon

After having such an extraordinary experience last week, I just had to go back. I found that the Antelope/Pronghorn were well into their rut and small groups have formed into large herds. The action was fast paced as big bucks were chasing does around and fighting with each other for the females.

Lots of photos to edit, but here are a few of my favorites so far.

33 thoughts on “Back to the Sheldon

    1. Thank you Nick. These are among my favorite desert dwellers. They are so exotic looking they almost don’t look as if they belong but they are magnificently adapted to our high desert. Lovely to watch. πŸ™‚

  1. Marvelous shots of these gorgeous critters. You’ve stirred my interest in Sheldon. Roughly a month from now we’re thinking about heading to the Four Corners region. Either heading out, or on the return trip we’re thinking about taking the route through Denio. Looks like Sheldon might be a good place to camp.

    1. It is a great place to camp. Just keep in mind that it is very remote. Gas is available in Fields, Oregon and Cedarville California. So plan accordingly. Make sure your spare is good. Lots of folks carry two. This last trip I camped alone at Catnip Res. Didn’t see another soul for three days. Have fun!

      1. Thanks for the advice. We’ve always made sure to top off at Lakeview or Winnemucca, but good to know about Fields. I was thinking that Denio also had gas, but I think that was many, many years ago. I’m also curious about your blind. Have you posted about it, if not might you do so?

      2. Denio has not had gas service for a few years. Makes it difficult. I got the blind from Naturescapes. It is made for photographers. Have fun and looking forward to hearing about your trip. πŸ™‚

  2. Great shots. The pronghorn are fantastic creatures. I used to travel through New Mexico frequently and there is a stretch of highway from Cimarron to Raton where I saw pronghorn every single time I drove it. Sometimes they numbered close to 50 at a time. It was always a highlight of the drive.

  3. Where have you gone to? I saw your ‘like’ at my latest post and wondered why I hadn’t been getting email announcements of your postings?

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