Not the Fight I Came For…

This morning I arrived at the pond where the wild horses drink to hoping to get more stallion fighting shots. I do have some recent ones. That will be the teaser. Not much action from the horses today but there were a lot of birds to watch at the pond. White-faced Ibis, Dunlins, Avocets, and Long-billed Dowitchers and Black-necked Stilts.

The Black-necked stilts provided the drama much to my surprise. Two Stilts, and it is easy to see how they got their names on those impossibly long legs, were peacefully probing the mud flats for their breakfast when this other male flewΒ noisily in and started attacking one of the other males. It really was quite a show. When I got home and started editing the photos I saw how truly violent this episode was. If you look closely you can see that one of the Stilts has pierced the other’s neck with his long sharp beak. Ouch!

28 thoughts on “Not the Fight I Came For…

    1. Thanks for stopping in Dragon. It really is pierced. I know it is hard to see in these photos. I studied them quite closely in Lightroom. I don’t know why there is no blood. I looked for that under magnification and did not see any?

  1. Wow! A great series of photos. I will now look at Black-necked Stilts in a different light. I had always thought they were just peaceful, beautiful, elegant and graceful creatures. Thanks for sharing these images, Alison.

  2. A proper bird fight! That one guy is definitely serious. Nice job capturing the battle!

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