I have been trying to get more walking in and there are a lot of good paths through protected Wetlands around here. Of course in the desert, any area with water attracts concentrations of wildlife so the photo opportunities abound.

The birdsong is almost deafening this time of year in the mornings as mating and defending territories is in full swing right now. I was able to finally get some good photos of a Marsh Wren which is what I think this little brown bird singing so loudly is. They are tiny birds that flit through the reeds never allowing me to get a photo until today. This little bird was intent on singing and stayed still in plain site long enough to be photographed.

I was also able to observe this common tern fishing over one of the ponds and see him catch a fish.

30 thoughts on “Wetlands

  1. This is a lovely gallery. Despite the range of subjects, action and backgrounds you managed to capture sharp images in subdued settings that all convey a story. Good eye …and reflexes! Like them all, the tern is great, but my favorite – a new bird for me – is the shorebird, the American Avocet.

  2. Wow, you’ve captured such clear photos of hard-to-photograph birds! Just beautiful. I stopped by today wondering what you were up to, and you’ve been busy!

  3. Of course the your images are great…I expect to see excellent photography when I pause on your site. This time I’ll say I really I enjoyed your “wetland” commentary. I had not thought about that part of the desert.

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