A Tiny Bit of Recognition

Why do I blog? Why do I post Photos? Because just like many of you who write, or draw, or paint or are photographers, you want someone to read or look at your art. What would be the point of doing it if no one saw it or read it right? It is discouraging to create in a vacuum and not have any feedback of any kind. Maybe there are people who don’t need any interaction with others but I think they are few. My husband is kind enough to look at my photos and make nice comments but it is encouraging to have more neutral opinions and critiques of our work. You wonder, am I wasting my time at this? Do I have any talent or any ability when it comes to your chosen creative outlet? I would keep  working on my photography even if I was told I was wasting my time because I absolutely love it and the connection I get to the natural world while taking pictures. I was a little excited to learn that one of my photos was chosen to be the photo of the day for the Nature Conservancy Web site for Friday, July 27. The photo posted with this entry is the one that was selected. It was a tiny hint that maybe I am not entirely wasting my time with my camera.   Cheers!

9 thoughts on “A Tiny Bit of Recognition

  1. I completely agree with you and understand what you are saying. I felt that way in the beginning of my blog, when I didn’t get many comments, so I didn’t know if people were actually reading my stuff. Now, of course, i know different. I love your work, as you appreciate the great outdoors as I do. I would have only one more comment to make, is that I wish I knew your name. I dislike trying to address people with their blog names, or “anonymous”, etc. It makes me feel like I am not talking to a person. Instead of saying, “hello NorthernDesert”, I would feel more comfortable saying “hello Mary” etc. Also you would get more known for your work. People can’t promote and brag about your work to others if they don’t know who you are. Just my opinion…………:-)

    Oh, congrats, on getting your photo selected for the National Conservancy Web. As you said, it is great to be noticed and appreciated.

  2. Thanks Bob. I felt like you were a kindred spirit the very first time I looked at your amazing photographs. They are very inspiring to me. I added my real name to my About page. I guess I have been a little wary of doing that for some reason. Anyway, I am Alison; nice to meet you! : )

    1. Hi Alison, and I am very glad to meet you, too. I certainly can understand about your wariness about not wanting to make you name public. But I am glad you relented. You can read my About page and you will see that I am just a harmless nice guy that enjoys photography and birding with my wife. I will add your blog to my blogroll, as, like I said, it really enjoy your work.

  3. Hello Allison, this blog post echos how I feel as well. I don’t know if anybody reads what I post, but I find writing therapeutic. So I write and I post. And, like you, my husband is my biggest fan. (and by the way, my name is Andrea)

  4. I decided to blog to improve my photography. Previously I would take photos and that would be it. No processing or improving. Then I was told that displaying your photos encourages you to give your best effort. I’ve learnt how to process images as a result. And a little bit of recognition is always encouraging.

    Congratulations on having your image spotlighted. Very well done!

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