A Tiny Bit of Recognition

Why do I blog? Why do I post Photos? Because just like many of you who write, or draw, or paint or are photographers, you want someone to read or look at your art. What would be the point of doing it if no one saw it or read it right? It is discouraging to create in a vacuum and not have any feedback of any kind. Maybe there are people who don’t need any interaction with others but I think they are few. My husband is kind enough to look at my photos and make nice comments but it is encouraging to have more neutral opinions and critiques of our work. You wonder, am I wasting my time at this? Do I have any talent or any ability when it comes to your chosen creative outlet? I would keep  working on my photography even if I was told I was wasting my time because I absolutely love it and the connection I get to the natural world while taking pictures. I was a little excited to learn that one of my photos was chosen to be the photo of the day for the Nature Conservancy Web site for Friday, July 27. The photo posted with this entry is the one that was selected. It was a tiny hint that maybe I am not entirely wasting my time with my camera.   Cheers!