Beautiful Bobcat

As winter progresses, and we have had storms and significant snowfall, predators seem to become more active. I am seeing more daylight appearances on my trail cameras of Bobcats. Some of the photos aren’t half bad for an automated system. The Mountain Lion has also shown up in some of the same areas but is sticking to the middle of the night. I am grateful for the Lions staying with that schedule.

17 thoughts on “Beautiful Bobcat

  1. We have a neighborhood bobcat here in Colorado Springs… When I see him, it’s usually early in the morning. I’d be fine with the mountain lion sticking to a nocturnal schedule as well. I’m not too afraid of most wildlife in our area, but I’m sure I’ve been seen by mountain lions I haven’t seen when I’ve been out in the nethers.

    1. Thanks for checking in and commenting. πŸ™‚ We have a saying in Nevada. If there are deer there are lions whether you see them or not. We have had several captured even in downtown. One almost went through the revolving door at Harrah’s Casino downtown a few years ago.

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