To Early for Babies

I haven’t been taking photos of wild horses for some time. Honestly, they can be a little boring depending on the time of year. We are approaching the best time to photograph them in my opinion as it is getting close to foaling time and that means lots of cute babies and fighting stallions.

Still in Their Winter Coats

These Stallions let their bands get too close too each other going to water so I saw some action.

Getting Warmed Up
Full Tilt

I saw lots of pregnant mares and I think I was about two weeks too early so will be checking on the herds the next few weeks. It was great to see so many colorful pintos and paints out there this year.

23 thoughts on “To Early for Babies

  1. There’s just something so striking about the pinto or paint variety of horses. Hoping to see some baby pics soon. This reminded me of the time we saw the wild horses somewhere near there. Lovely!

    1. Hey thanks! I looked at your photos. Wonderful shots. I have heard of the famous Sand Wash Basin herds. It was great to also see some landscapes of that area via your photographs. Thanks!

      1. Thank you. I had no idea what I was doing out there, so it was a blast!

        I have heard the BLM has harassed the herds at Sand Wash, so I don’t know what’s going on up there now; but going back is high on my list of things to do (I bought a long lens and a teleconverter for my Pentax 645 specifically because I plan to go back and want a bit more reach).

        I hoped the landscape photos — more what I’m used to shooting — would give context to the area those herds live in. It was pretty desolate! ๐Ÿ™‚

        I look forward to seeing your future photos; thanks for checking out mine.

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