Old Stage Stop in Central Nevada

I’ve been spending a lot of time this summer in the center of the state as I have a cow elk tag and a mule deer buck tag in units that are in that area. I have been combining scouting with site seeing and have ticked off some places I have wanted to visit and explore for a long time.

One of those places is an old stage stop located in a remote canyon down a very dusty road. At times I had to four wheel drive it to get through the powdery dust that was as deep and treacherous as a snowfall.

Stage Stop Cabin

So this had to have been built before the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad in 1869. It has to be at least 155 years old. It is still in great condition due to the solid rock construction. It sports a dirt floor and elaborate chimney. It would be pretty tight quarters. I rode in one of those authentic stagecoaches up in Virginia City a few summers ago. Very uncomfortable ride! I can’t imagine bumping along all day in one of those and then “resting” here!

There was an old stone corral as well but it was hard to photograph. I also took photos of some wild horses, golden eagle and a cooperative Western Meadowlark.

Western Meadowlark
Wild Grullo Mare and Foal
Golden Eagle

25 thoughts on “Old Stage Stop in Central Nevada

  1. You surely sent me down memory lane with this post. Roaming the desert and visiting old structures like that stage stop. Amazing how they survive in the dry desert climate. Seeing those wild horses out in your territory was a magical moment for us that time we camped at the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge hoping to catch the lunar eclipse. I remember the thrill to waking up to wild horses checking us out. Thanks for taking me to those lovely times… albeit virtually!

    And that Meadowlark. I remember seeing and hearing (!!!) the Meadowlarks out in the yard in Utah. I sure miss them. Your post really brought it all back to me! Thank you.

    1. Oh I’m so happy to hear that the post had that effect! 😊My earliest memories are wandering out into the sagebrush as a toddler and hearing the distinct call of the meadowlark.

  2. My wife loves wild horses and we had planned a road trip to San Francisco through I-80 with a day stop in Reno with the hopes of seeing the Nevada wild horses. She got sick so I flew to San Francisco instead. The trip still remains on the bucket list.

    Love your posts and can’t wait to see them pop up I my reading list.

  3. Wow! You got some amazing shots. I’m jealous of the stage stop you saw because the one I saw just had a few low remnants where walls used to stand. Good luck filling your tags!

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