Summer Swallowtails

I planted Giant Purple Sage last year hoping they would attract Hummingbirds as advertised. The Hummingbirds are not at all interested but they are magnets for Western Swallowtail Butterflies.

Swallowtail on Giant Purple Sage

I’ve planted several plant types that were supposed to be irresistible to Hummingbirds only to find the birds were not attracted to them. I might be offering them too many choices. The Purple Sage has been a hit with all kinds of bees, butterflies and moths so I’m happy with the plantings.

Summer Swallowtail in the Garden

My Bee Balm is starting to bloom and all the pollinators love them.

Swallowtail with Bee Balm Bloom

Just about 4 weeks to go until the Hummingbird migration starts and their favorite flowers should be in full bloom in the garden. Looking forward to their annual invasion and antics in my backyard.

9 thoughts on “Summer Swallowtails

  1. Looks like you’re working right out of the National Wildlife Federation’s “Gardening for Wildlife” program, with impressive results. I love chasing butterflies and other visitors to Summer flowers in backyards and meadows and can definitely relate to your project. Excellent theme and post!

  2. I’ve had great good luck with our Anna’s hummingbirds sticking around all year round. Having a hard time catching a photo of any butterflies though, though they seem to be enjoying the (invasive) blackberry blossoms.

    I’ve also been working on bringing back native plants. We’ve been delighted to see some pollinators returning to what was once pretty much a ‘dead’ zone. I think I need a bit more variety yet with some native bushed taking their own sweet time to blossom. Then again a cutting from a fucshia bush along the side of the road has been quite popular with our local hummingbirds.

    1. I am envious with your year round hummingbirds. We are lucky to have them for 6 months. We get a very active migration of Rufous in August. It’s the highlight of my garden year. πŸ™‚

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