Highway 50, America’s Loneliest Road

I drove east today as the clouds looked like they might be interesting for landscape photos. East is highway 50, known as the loneliest road in America. It is remote and lightly traveled but it is always my route of choice if I am driving east. I have actually never crossed Nevada on I-80. I try to avoid the interstates if I can and travel on back roads. As I am usually on my way somewhere when driving this road and have never stopped to take photos. On my way back from Moab this fall I looked at the scenery with fresh eyes and saw a lot to like.

The light was tricky this afternoon but I took a few images I can share. Sand Mountain is the giant sand dune in one of the photos. It is a singing sand dune two miles long and six hundred feet high. From my vantage point I could see some ATV riders that looked like very small insects speeding up and down the dune. I was standing next to the ruins of one of the old Pony Express stations to take photos of the dunes. It was aptly named Sand Pass station and all that is left are these tumbled down rock walls.

Next on my list was to try to get some photos of Chalk Mountain. It is an interesting stark white peak sitting by itself just west of the Clan Alpine range. I finished up at sunset taking some photos of Fairview peak.

All of these sites are just a few miles from one another just off 50. I saw many more places I would like to photograph. I will be busy out there the next few months.

37 thoughts on “Highway 50, America’s Loneliest Road

  1. The Highway 50 corridor looks like a fascinating place, definitely a route I would choose too. Beautiful captures. Love the lighted subjects with a backdrop of dark skies; stunning. Anxious to see what you discover on future trips…..Must enjoy these distant views and solitude vicariously!

    1. I love all of Nevada’s empty places but highway 50 is very special. There is so much to photography it will be a daunting but enjoyable task. Thanks as always for stopping in and saying such nice things. Hope your Holidays are wonderful and filled with nature. 🙂

  2. It is perhaps the best place in the world to get in contact with the wide-open expanse of the high desert. I love to stop along 50 and simply hike a couple hundred yards from the truck, jus’ to see what I might come across. Sometimes its and object, sometimes is a story, other times it is jus’ yourself. Wonderful pics!

  3. Spectacular images- so out of this world! A landscape that I have never viewed before. How fortunate you are to be able to drink it in 🙂
    Wishing you a very merry Christmas and all the best for the coming year!

    1. Thanks so much for your kindness Caroline. I love the high desert but not everyone appreciates it’s stark, unique beauty. I am trying to change that one photo at a time. Thanks for the holiday wishes. 🙂

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