Were there Antelope on the Antelope Refuge? Yup!

I got so excited about seeing California Bighorn Sheep on the Hart Mountain Antelope Refuge I forgot that the main purpose of my visit was to see and take photographs of Antelope or Pronghorn. We saw plenty of them on our three-day visit. Both far away in big herds and close up in small groups. They are beautiful animals with an exotic look that makes you think of the gazelle and antelope of Africa.  In a way they were left behind when most of the animals that they evolved with died out. They would fit right in on the African plains. They evolved thousands of years ago when two species of cheetah hunted in North America. With the disappearance of the cheetah in North America there is no predator left alive here that can run down a healthy adult Pronghorn. They can run at bursts fo 60 miles per hour and maintain speeds of 45 miles per hour for up to an hour.

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