Backyard Quail

It is so cold here I have not been going out to take photos. I wish we would get a little snow to improve the temperature and the background for wildlife photos. I did catch these quail in my backyard and snapped a few shots of them. I liked how two managed to pose near my iron cut outs of quail. These are California Quail and we have large conveys in our neighborhood this time of year. Love their cheery demeanour.

6 thoughts on “Backyard Quail

  1. Great photos of the California Quail. At first glance, I thought that they were Gambel’s, that I am familiar with. We have the Gambel’s here in west Texas. Thanks for sharing.


  2. We have a covey of about 20 that grace us each night in our So. Cal High Desert Home. We keep a dish of water for the dogs and the quail visit each night before taking their dirt bath, then to roost in one of our 16 pine trees. We have not been able to get any pictures of them any pointers? Great pictures by the way!

  3. Thanks notsofancynancy. Love your name btw. *g* I use a telephoto lens that helps a bit. The other thing I do is scatter some seed at strategically photo friendly places. Good luck. Will check your blog for quail photos.

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